Julian Leeks - composer

Into The Wild Woven

Instrumentation: orchestra
Duration: c. 20  mins.

Full Score
: £11.50

Programme note:

Into The Wild Woven tells the story of a group of children who enter a forbidden and mysterious forest called “The Wild Woven”. Inside it is dark, wet, cold and thick with an oppressive atmosphere. And all manner of dangers lurk within. But, being children, they can’t help but be drawn in.

After a while, they relax a little and begin to relinquish their initial fear. Fireflies appear, darting and dancing through the gloominess and the children play and skip along with them.

But the fun doesn’t last. The fireflies disappear and the children sink back into the cold dark night of the Wild Woven. Lost.

Soon the distant, deep rumble of a truly colossal footstep can be heard. The children remain unaware of it. But, rather in the way that one can feel the change of atmosphere that presages a particularly violent storm, so the children feel, without quite recognizing it, the deep malevolence of the approaching menace.

The thunderous footsteps get closer and closer and the children move as though wading through mud. But as the beast is almost upon them, they realize what is really happening and struggle free of the morass.  A chase ensues.

Laboured at first, the children begin to move more swiftly and with an ease and lightness of foot that mirrors their earlier playful dancing and skipping. It is enough to see them outrun their monstrous assailant. As they finally reach the edge of the Wild Woven, they experience a final, terrifying shudder as, for the first time, they become aware of what they have just been through.

Now the children are safe, bathed in the light of the outside world. They have grown up a little and gained in wisdom. But they have left their innocence behind them, abandoned in the Wild Woven. And the Wild Woven can never be wholly excised from their hearts and minds.