Julian Leeks - composer

Sound & Video

The Pains of Sleep (final section)
An extract from the first performance of Julian’s The Pains of Sleep. In this final section of the piece the first rays of morning sunlight creep through the window blind, bringing an end to this troubled night. A gentle calmness envelops the world, but something remains of the night.


Andy Keenan (bass clarinet) & Harriet Riley (marimba). 13th March 2016. Victoria Rooms, Bristol.

Version 2

Building The City

Bristol Ensemble (cond. John Pickard). 20th September 2015. St. George’s, Bristol.

String Quartet
second movement
written as part of a collaboration with artist Fiona Robinson. The project presented a developing conversation between the two art forms as each created a response to the other’s work.
BE String Quartet. 13th June 2015. Hauser & Wirth, Somerset.

Anywhere Else But Here

BE String Quartet. 7th September 2014. St. George’s, Bristol.

(a response to Tortues from Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals)
Bristol Ensemble (cond. John Pickard). 7th September 2014, St. George’s, Bristol.