Julian Leeks - composer

String Quartet

Instrumentation: vn.vn.va.vc
Duration: 16 mins.
First performance: Bristol Ensemble String Quartet. 7th June 2015. Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

Full Score: £11.50 

i. Anywhere Else But Here
ii. Salvation

Composed as part of a collaboration with artist Fiona Robinson in which we each created a response to the others work. The process began with Anywhere Else But Here a movement which began with little more in my mind than a single melodic line moving around in fifths and minor seconds. Gradually, an atmosphere of mourning emerged, a kind of desperate sadness at the recalling of past happiness. The intervallic limitations took on an oppressive quality and the repeated cello pizzicato notes seemed to acquire the dry and unforgiving nature of a funeral drum.

Fiona’s wonderful response (in my mind a kind if silent middle movement which can be viewed here) was, in turn, the inspiration for Salvation. It seemed to go beyond Anywhere Else But Here in its vigour and scope, and to suggest a new direction and I deliberately attempted to see beyond the dark night of the soul of the first movement; to chart a gradual re-emergence into the light, towards the restoration of hope and vitality.